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Sang Won Kang, PhD.

"We're developing
the first-in-class therapeutics that
reverse major human diseases" 

Blood vessels serve as the intricate network that maintains "life" in the human body. These vessels collectively span 12,000 kilometers in length and any obstruction within this system can have a significant impact on our overall health. Notably, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of mortality among chronic human diseases. The brain is responsible for memory and cognition in the human body. Therefore, damage to neurons can disrupt brain function and drastically reduce the quality of human life. Cancer is the terrible disease that can destroy any tissue and organ in the human body. Over the past few decades, our research has led to novel and significant discoveries as follows and identified the peroxiredoxin (Prx or Prdx) gene as the key denominator that causes these devastating human diseases.

1) We have unveiled the role of the thiol-dependent peroxidase, peroxiredoxin, as a novel regulator of the receptor signaling. This regulation occurs through the control of intracellular H2O2, which serves as a critical second messenger in cellular signaling. 

2) Our research results have shown that Prx is either inactivated by PTMs (post-translational modifications) in occluded arterial vessels and specific regions of the brain associated with neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, or epigenetically silenced in cancer cells. 

3) We have also discovered novel chemical scaffolds that precisely mimic the peroxidase activity of the peroxiredoxin enzyme. Based on these scaffolds, we have established the groundbreaking drug development platform, “RedoxizymeTM”, which allows us to consistently produce synthetic Prx-mimicking nanozymes. 

With these scientific milestones, VasThera is developing innovative, first-in-class therapeutics for patients suffering from Prx deficiency syndrome.

All VasThera researchers are passionate researchers driven by a spirit of challenge and innovation. Through our collective enthusiasm, we are dedicated to developing innovative medicines for the treatment of chronic diseases that significantly impact people’s quality of life.

Thank you.


Sang Won Kang, PhD.Chief Executive Officer, VasThera Co., Ltd.

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