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CEO’s message

Sang Won Kang, PhD.

120,000 km…
The healthy highway we create,
with VasThera.

The incredible superpower of the heart in our body has the capability of
cycling through a 120,000-kilometer vascular highway in 46 seconds,
the length of which blood circles the Earth three times.

In particular, human arterial blood vessels are made strong so that blood, running at high pressure and rapid speed, can lay out the solid foundation which travels in the human body for more than 100 years.If the arterial vessels highway can be maintained healthy for all of the lifetimes, various diseases with unmet medical needs can be prevented fundamentally.

In the global village, there are still many marginalized neighbors suffering from various rare diseases caused by vascular hyperplasia or incurable diseases such as arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, and pulmonary hypertension.However, still, we are faced with a lack of therapeutic medicine development to find the cause of disease and recover the lesions.Over 20 years of journey of finding as a scientist, I have been researching to find the cause of arterial vascular lesions through the redox signal network.

However, I was not satisfied with such academic research. While the research continues, I have founded VasThera with a strong belief that we would arrive at our destination to find a solution to contribute to the improvement of human health.

All members of VasThera are passionate researchers with the spirit of challenge and innovation. Putting our enthusiasm together, we will do our best to develop innovative new drugs until the day, the world becomes a place where everyone enjoys a century life of “Healthy arteries and warm heart”.

Thank you.

Sang Won Kang, PhD.Chief Executive Officer, VasThera Co., Ltd.

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